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Responsible Packaging by Design (RPbD) Guide
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How do you take sustainability considerations into account when designing packaging solutions? The Responsible Packaging by Design (RPbD) Guide is now available to help you. The RPbD Guide is a step-by-step process management standard for the design, testing, and qualification of responsible packaging that meets industry, consumer, and regulatory expectations. It has been developed by industry leaders and vetted by companies, NGOs, and government experts.
“Until now, there hasn’t been a single, unified standard that would ensure that everyone is on the same page, meeting all of the applicable industry and package functional requirements while taking into consideration all the new sustainability initiatives that have been introduced in the past decade. But now there is.”
Larry Dull, ISTA Lead Instructor

The process provides a framework and guidance for evaluating two or more different packages to:
• provide appropriate packaging for protecting the product and performing all the other functions of a packaging system
• minimize product waste through the prevention of damage or spoilage
• optimize use of materials, energy, and water in production, distribution, and use
• maximize recovery of materials and energy from used packaging

The protocol provides a data-driven procedure for analyzing packaging systems throughout the life cycle. Eight steps guide the package designer in a Stage-Gate Process, with each stage accompanied by a template to help users gather data and navigate the process.


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