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Webinar: How the Design of Unit Loads Impacts the Safety of Supply Chain Operations

Thursday, January 30th 1:30-2:00pm EST

How the Design of Unit Loads Impacts the Safety of
Supply Chain Operations - Lessons Learned from Accidents
Involving Unit Loads During Shipping and

Marshall White
Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech

Examples from actual unit load performance failures will be described. Using the sometimes-tragic consequences of these failures, package and pallet designers will be reminded that safety is "job 1". The forensic procedures to determine the causes of these failures, will be described. The causes are typically classified as unit loads were miss-handled, improper unit load design, or a defective unit load design. Examples of each of these causes will be used to demonstrate how to operate safe unit load-based supply chains. Methods of accident prevention and mitigation will be described. This will include education, proper design procedures that include testing, use of standards, inspection procedures, and best practices for handling, storing, and shipping unitized products.

Takeaway: Reminding attendees that safety should always be assured when designing components of product supply chains. How to include safety in your design process, while still focusing on efficiency and sustainability.

Biography: Professor Emeritus at the Virginia Tech, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, Blacksburg, Virginia, and a graduate of Colorado State University and Virginia Tech with B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Wood Science and Forest Products. He is past Director of the Pallet and Container Research Laboratory and Center for Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech. He established the Packaging Systems and Design undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Virginia Tech in 2006. He served as Chair of the ANSI/MH1 committee on pallet Standards and Head of the US delegation to the ISO TC 51 committee on International pallet standards. He is a member of ASTM D10.

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Webinar: Retail Supply Channels for CPGs In India: An Evaluation of Handling, Storage & Transportation in the Distribution Environment

Wednesday, March 4th 1:30-2:00pm EST

Retail Supply Channels for CPGs In India: An Evaluation of Handling,
Storage & Transportation in the Distribution Environment

Jay Singh
Professor & Packaging Program Director
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo

While it leads the global retail opportunity index as the greatest under-served market in the world, the Indian logistics/supply chain sector has yet to even meet the requirements of the urban population due to challenges such as poor infrastructure, highly fragmented supplier base, complex systems of taxes & government regulations, ineffective usage of information technologies & communication, insufficient mature distribution channels, non-existent warehouse standards, and disorganized trucking operations. The general intended supply chains in India are fairly unique. This presentation provides summary details of the supply chain related distribution activities of 13 CPG manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce companies in India. While quite a few of the companies included in this study follow adapted versions of western supply chain models, a majority rely on fairly unique versions of the Indian legacy models.

Takeaways: At present, the Indian logistics industry is highly fragmented and unorganized. Development of logistics related infrastructure, like dedicated freight corridors, logistics parks, free trade warehousing zones and container freight stations, are expected to improve efficiencies. Players in the Indian CPG retail sector must understand the evolving logistical landscape to take advantage of greatest under-served markets in the world.

Biography: BS: Electrical Engineering (University of Pune, India), MS & PhD: Packaging Science (Michigan State University, USA).  Jay currently serves as the President of the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI). He has served on the Global Board of Directors for ISTA and as the Division 1 Chair of Committee D10.18 of ASTM. Jay has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles, 70 articles in conference proceedings, 30 trade journal articles, 4 book chapters, coauthored 2 books and is an inventor on 4 patents.  A number of Jay's publications have resulted in development/revision of numerous globally acknowledged packaging test standards such as ASTM and ISTA. In a span of 25 years, Jay has consulted with over 150 companies on various packaging related research projects in the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, food, beverage, furniture, appliances and several other product categories.   Having successfully undertaken numerous funded grants from state, federal agencies and industry, Jay was recognized with the Distinguished Scholarship Award in 2017 by Cal Poly.

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2020 ISTA Forum | TransPack & TempPack Attendee Registration
03/16/20 - 03/19/20

ISTA's 2020 Forum brings together the packaging community through two co-located events, TransPack and TempPack.  TransPack provides a balance of valuable presentations, case studies, research and solutions from world-leading experts surrounding the optimization of packaging for transport.  TempPack focuses on technical topics related to global temperature controlled performance packaging. The TempPack Forum creates an opportunity for presenters to share their insights, challenges, case studies and research having a direct impact on the industry.  Both programs are designed to create opportunities for you to network with like-minded professionals who are facing the same challenges in all different sectors and verticals. You can expect to build new relationships and create resources with people centered on the transport packaging industry. 
Location: Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
Orlando, FL

Registration ends on March 19, 2020

2020 ISTA Forum | TransPack & TempPack Sponsor Packages
03/16/20 - 03/19/20

Sponsoring either TransPack or TempPack is your opportunity to connect with the global transport packaging community as an industry leader. Strengthen your brand’s identity and marketing efforts by becoming a sponsor of the industry’s premier educational events.

Location: Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
Orlando, FL

2020 ISTA Forum | TransPack & TempPack Exhibitor Registration
03/18/20 - 03/18/20

Location: Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort
Orlando, FL

Registration ends on March 18, 2020