Event Registration - International Safe Transit Association
2020 China Packaging Symposium
9/9/2020 - 9/21/2020

The 14th annual ISTA China Packaging Symposium
was originally scheduled to be held in Shenzhen September 16-17, 2020, but due to the Global Pandemic, we have decided to hold the Symposium as a Live (virtual) event. The Symposium is hosted by International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and the ISTA China Division. It is presented by the China Packaging Research & Test Center and the China Packaging Research Institute. Register is complimentary for all attendees!

The 2020 ISTA China Packaging Symposium will focus on the development of international transportation packaging technology: protecting goods, facilitating transportation, convenient storage, easy counting and transmission information are the basic functions of packaging. All-channel retail packaging plays an important role in the process of consumer experience. Packaging drives the supply chain in the transition from a single service brand to a service logistics provider. Transportation packaging is evolving and fulfilling to do responsible packaging.

Registration ends on 9/21/2020