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Developing Thermal Data Analysis Standards: Algorithms for Developing Temperature Test Profiles from Ambient Lane Data Webinar

Wednesday, November 14th 1:30-2:00pm EST

Bernard McGarvey, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow at Eli Lilly and Company

Paul Harber
Modality Solutions LLC

Development of thermal testing profiles using data collected from various lanes is a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. These thermal profiles are used in chamber testing of shipping containers. Currently the available standards emphasize the use of a standard test profile. This presentation argues that we now need to begin to identify standard algorithms for developing test profiles as well. This will allow shippers to develop test profiles form their own sourced data. In particular, this presentation describes the QT(min/max) method for developing thermal profiles and demonstrates how it is superior to several existing methods that are currently in use.
This method is a critical element in an overall risk analysis for evaluating the suitability of pre-qualified passive container solutions. Additionally, this method can be utilized to compare thermal profiles irrespective of the method used to create them. The integration of this method with thermal modeling simulations of passive container solutions is also considered.

Bernard McGarvey Biography: Education: B.E. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University College Dublin, Ireland. Activities: Focus over the last 15 years has been on the application of first principles thinking to solving problems in the pharmaceutical industry. Most recently he has applied this to cold chain transportation to improve the speed and quality of the decision making required to optimize cold chain distribution. Professional Achievements: Retired as an Engineering Fellow at Eli Lilly and Company.

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