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New ISTA Tests, Research, and Resources

The following webinar was presented as part of the 2021 ISTA Omni-Channel Packaging Strategies Webinar Series.

Eric Hiser
Vice President of Standards and Certification

New ISTA Tests, Research, and Resources

ISTA continues to deliver on its vision of being the leading resource for improving our world through transport packaging globally. As part of that vision, ISTA has created a “Distribution Environment Data Collection Program” to improve current testing protocols, add new testing protocols, and create a world-class data repository that can be leveraged by ISTA, and its members, to better model distribution locally, nationally, and internationally.

Updates will be provided on ISTA’s research projects currently underway in the European Union and China as well as high-level results of observational data captured within several e-commerce retailers in North America. Further, summary results from India research will be shared along with other newly developed test methods that address load stability.

Additionally, learn how ISTA, in partnership with Specright, has transformed the way package testing is performed with PackSight a new online test planning and reporting platform. PackSight not only improves efficiencies by automating test calculations, but it also brings visibility to stakeholders across the supply chain by easily sharing unique password protected web-based final test reports. Beyond that, newly released functionality allows you to build a custom test based upon your supply chain or company needs.

Gain insights on all the new resources ISTA is developing that will help you and your company design effective packaging that minimizes product damage and optimizes resource usage.